New play Be Silent or Be Killed tells the true story of a terrorist encounter

New play Be Silent or Be Killed tells the true story of a terrorist encounter

The play retells an eye-witness account of the 2008 Mumbai attacks

Hide and seek of the very deadliest kind awaited Bank of Scotland employee Roger Smith in 2008 while setting up a project in Mumbai. Just after dinner on his second day in India, terrorists invaded his hotel, hunting and killing any Westerner. Roger hid in his 14th-floor room and, through two nights and across a day, lay low.

The story of the 40-hour long event – already a book – has now been made into a play by Moray-based company Right Lines Productions. But just how do you turn that story into a piece of dynamic theatre?

‘It would be pretty boring to have a show which was just a man hiding behind a sofa,’ admits co-writer Euan Martin. ‘So we have introduced other aspects using sound and projection work.’

Martin and fellow writer Dave Smith also added the character of Roger’s brother, who died in a fishing accident when he was 16. ‘We created this character who is more-or-less his conscience,’ says Martin. ‘We met with Roger and his wife during the process and he admitted that his brother was the person he spoke to in his head. It is a very appropriate device to use in telling the story and in conveying the emotions of what was going on.’

Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, Thu 2–Sat 4 May, then touring.

Be Silent or Be Killed

The true story of Scottish businessman Roger Hunt, who survived the 2008 terrorist attack on a Mumbai hotel. Facing hard choices and consequences, Hunt holed up in his hotel room for nearly 40 hours, maintaining contact with his mobile, until the attack was ended.

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