Musique Risquée at Freq

Musique Risquée


Name Musique Risquée.

Occupation Innovative record label run by Akufen and friends.

What is so special about the label? That fact that it is run by Akufen is a major part of what makes Musique Risquée so great. The beauty of every Akufen record by this electronic genius is that you never quite know what the man will do next. From the thumping, bluegrass-infused work of art that is Morning Dump in the Bush of God to his back catalogue of glitch-tech funky classics like My Way and Deck The House, his ear for anything worth listening to is pretty well tuned to say the least. Along with Vincent Lemieux and two other friends, Stephen Beaupré and Scott Monteith (Deadbeat) Akufen can pretty much release any type of music he feels deserves a wider audience.

Is he willing to take lots of musical risks with this label? Definitely. He has been quoted as saying: ‘I won’t restrain my tastes or choices to electronic music’. The label’s top priority at the moment is to see what happens naturally with the artists involved and just take it from there. No genre is prioritised or left untouched.

Where can I hear some of these releases? As luck would have it there is a Musique Risquée showcase at Freq this month with Akufen going head to head with one of the label’s hottest artists, Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts who play live.

What do they sound like? Guillaume is best known for his crazy eclectic influences, so you’re likely to experience a mish mash of afrobeat, barbershop quartets and electronic bleeps mixed in with funky soulful house and gospel. (Sandra Marron)

Akufen and Guillaume and the Coutu Dumonts play Freq at Sub Club, Glasgow, Fri 5 Oct.


Broken beat to tech house and everything in between from the Freq crew. This month it's a Musique Risquee Showcase with Akufen (DJ Set) andGuillaume & The Cotou Dumonts (live). Unmissable.

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