The Valleys' Leteysha: Amy Childs looks like Pete Burns

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 17 April 2013
Leteysha Grace

Leteysha Grace

'The Valleys' star Leteysha Grace thinks former 'The Only Way is Essex' beauty Amy Childs resembles 53-year-old Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns

'The Valleys' star Leteysha Grace think Amy Childs "looks like Pete Burns".

The cast members of the hit MTV reality show have blasted the former 'The Only Way Is Essex' beauty after she previously insulted the show, and Leteysha took particular aim at her extensive plastic surgery by comparing her to the 53-year-old Dead or Alive singer.

Nicole Morris said: "She was so mean about us. She said that we were like a cheaper version of 'Geordie Shore' or something. She's only 22 and, no offence, but have you seen all the surgery she's had?"

Leteysha added: "She looks like Pete Burns. She slags off reality shows when that's where she started."

The reality stars admit, however, that they worry about being able to find partners or jobs once the show is over because of their lewd, scandalous behaviour.

Leteysha said: "Yeah, I think, 'Who's ever going to marry me?' Literally, if they watch the show they're going to think I'm a right slag."

Law graduate Jenna Jonathan added to heat magazine: "Before the show I wanted to be a solicitor and I still do, but I'll have to open my own business as people might not employ me after this."

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