Extreme hip hop/noise posse Death Grips coming to UK

Extreme hip hop/noise posse Death Grips coming to UK

Photo: Jonny Magowan

MC Ride, Zach Hill and Andy Morin set to play London, Glasgow and Brighton

After their recent South by Southwest showcase set, Death Grips’ live show was memorably described by SPIN magazine as a journey into ‘chaotically thrilling what-the-fuckness’. All 33 minutes of it are available to watch below, featuring fearsome, bare-chested singer/rapper in-chief MC Ride (Stefan Burnett) snapping out a martial holler over a death-rattle of overdriven electro noise, but the sense is that you really want to be there in person. In which case, you know what to do.

Although Burnett is the very memorable face of the hard-to-categorise Sacramento outfit, drummer and producer Zach Hill is the musical arranger, following on from his spells with his own math-rock project Hella and playing variously with Wavves, Mike Patton and Nervous Cop (Hill, Joanna Newsom and Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier). On the live stage, Hill concentrates solely on drums while the duo welcome Andy Morin to play the fuzzy, looping samples which help build the whole aesthetic into a battering sonic fog of war.

First coming to attention with the 2011 mixtape Exmilitary, the group launched their major label career last year with the Epic-released debut album, The Money Store, and ended it with the immediate follow-up. Highlights of No Love Deep Web included the band leaking it ahead of release without the label’s permission, and an album cover featuring the title scrawled on Hill’s erect penis (which would be bloody hard to do, so kudos to him for managing). Like their music, such behaviour seems bloody-minded, excessively confrontational and utterly attention-grabbing.

SWG3, Glasgow, Tue 30 Apr.

Death Grips Boiler Room x Ray-Ban LIVE Show at SXSW Warehouse Broadcast

Death Grips

Independent punk rock hip hop from producer Flatlander and MC Ride.

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