Five reasons to head to Electric Circus' Big Day In

Five reasons to head to Electric Circus' Big Day In

Photo: Adrian Lambert

Dutch Uncles, Discopolis, Dems, Jonnie Common and more head up the indoor mini-festival

1. It’s in, not out

Worried about the shameful 'spring' weather we’ve been having? Wishing you could get away from it with some antipodean (autumn) sunshine and a bunch of bands in a field? Well, tough. But if you couldn’t afford the flight to Oz and back for Big Day Out, why not spend a Sunday hunched in the dark drinking lager and watching very good bands from 2pm until 3am? Take your tap aff for the full effect. And probably get chucked out.

2. It’s Electric Circus

Yes, we know the karaoke hen nights walking through to the booths next door are a distraction, but the oddly glam Electric Circus has been forging a strong reputation in recent months as the best place in Edinburgh to see a broad range of good local acts and touring bands of a certain quality. Their team – particularly hard-grafting promoters John-Paul Mason and Tallah Brash – deserve a lot of credit and plenty of people through the doors.

3. Dutch Uncles are headlining

Take two minutes out of your day to check out their sort-of Grace Jones cover ‘Slave to the Atypical Rhythm’ (below). Or the one that sounds like Hot Chip gone white-boy funk ('Flexxin' .... also below). Aren’t they good? That’s correct.

4. The rest of the bill’s exceptional

Discopolis. FOUND’s Lomond Campbell and River of Slime. Dems. Jonnie Common. The Machine Room. And so on, including DJs Errors, Vic Galloway and Ally McCrae. ‘Finger on the pulse’, we’re saying. And also ‘a bunch of Edinburgh’s very best bands in one place.’

5. It might be really sunny

In which case you can stand out on Market Street with all the smokers and lap it up. See? Just like a festival. You don’t even need a tent.

Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sun 5 May.

Big Day In

Avoid the mud and head along to this one day mini-festival all under the roof of the Electric Circus. Confirmed so far Roman Nose, Birdhead, Miracle Strip, Indian Red Lopez, Carbs, Man of Moon and Gymnast play live with DJ sets from TYCI, Glasgow Podcart and Kitchen Disco.