Five things you might not know about… Micky Flanagan

Five things you might not know about Micky Flanagan

The Cockney comic has lived past lives as a fish monger, dish washer and teacher

1 His first full-time job was as a stand boy in Billingsgate fish market where he boiled and measured various types of shellfish, earning the fairly serious sum of £250 a week. He later washed dishes in New York and went into teacher training but was quickly disillusioned when he decided that what was wrong with the education system when he was a kid hadn't been properly addressed.

2 In the mid-90s, Flanagan took the first small step to selling out massive theatres by attending a comedy course at a London community centre. One of his earliest gigs was a bad one at the Comedy Store but fortunately that only hardened him for the fight ahead.

3 In 2007, at the age of 42, he became the oldest comic to be nominated for the Best Newcomer Award in Edinburgh. What Chance Change? featured many tales from his pre-comedy years including a story about his seduction techniques, with which he regaled us while dressed in a kimono.

4 Flanagan had a bit of a legal stooshie with the 118-118 guys when he claimed they had used some of his material, known as the 'out-out' routine. The Advertising Standards Authority concluded that the moustachioed runners were indeed in breach.

5 His mum once danced with the Kray Twins.

SECC, Glasgow, Sat 4 May.

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Micky Flanagan: An' Another Fing

Sharp observations from the Cockney comic. Micky Flanagan who famously popped out and ended up 'out out', is touring a new show for the first time in three years. An' Another Fing follows on from 2011's Out Out tour and 2013's Back in the Game, which became the biggest selling stand up DVD and tour of the year.