Conquering Animal Sound - Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, Fri 29 Mar 2013 (4 stars)

Conquering Animal Sound - Kinning Park Complex, Glasgow, Fri 29 Mar 2013


A late album launch from the divine bedroom experimenters turned revered live act

Kinning Park Complex doesn’t get enough recognition on account of its versatility and slightly tattered charm. As much the ideal setting for dance classes and community meetings as it is for grassroots punk shows, and intimate musical experiences off the beaten track, regular KPC occupants Conquering Animal Sound belatedly mark the release of their second album, On Floating Bodies - their first for Chemikal Underground – in style. It’s an exciting time for the band and followers alike as their evolution from bedroom experimenters to revered live commodities continues to reap much-deserved rewards.

As expected, the KPC is filled comfortably and aside from a few patchy sound issues and the comedic mis-cueing of background projections, the duo’s building-block style performance is on point tonight; looping, sampling and beatboxing a whirlwind of sound that flits from beautifully lush to brittle and bittersweet, with Anneke Kampman’s vocals punctuating the icy air like birdsong. As expected from an album launch, tonight’s set draws almost exclusively from new material, with lead track 'Ultimate Heat Death of the Universe' proving an obvious highlight, but it’s the flat-out hilarious, and surprisingly great cover of Divine’s 'You Think You’re a Man' that steals the show.

Conquering Animal Sound - Ultimate Heat Death Of The Universe

The Future Does Not Require - Conquering Animal Sound

Conquering Animal Sound

The Glasgow-based twosome of Anneke Kampman and James Scott plays experimental pop and ambient electronica.