Karen O brands Gaga 'unoriginal'

Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O thinks Lady Gaga is unoriginal and too "referential"

Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O

Yeah Yeah Yeahs singer Karen O thinks Lady Gaga is unoriginal.

The 'Sacriledge' singer doesn't feel any connection with her fellow New York singer, as she feels Gaga doesn't use her influences in the right way.

Referring to Gaga, Karen said: "I feel there's a core authenticity or originality lacking there. It's so referential.

"I mean, everything is referenced, but when you read [book] 'Just Kids' by Patti Smith, there's idol worship towards poets or Jim Morrison or whoever, but it seems to be processed through her filter and it ends up becoming very Patti Smith.

"That's different from just picking what you like from what other people do and presenting it as your own."

Karen - who is joined in the band by guitarist and keyboardist Nick Zinner, 38, and drummer Brian Chase, 34 - thinks her band's new album 'Mosquito', captures something more original.

She added to the Guardian newspaper: "Mosquito might sound lo-fi, but to make a record that sounds so different, was, like, really f***ing expensive."

'Mosquito' was released yesterday (15.04.2013).

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Karen O

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs vocalist performing solo.


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