Nicolas de Crecy - Glacial Period (4 stars)

Nicolas de Crecy - Glacial Period

(NBM/Comics Lit)

Being branded an enfant terrible is too often faint praise for some artists but it poses no problems for Nicolas De Crécy who goes to great pains not to conform to stereotypical comic boy clichés and in doing so has produced a distinct body of work that is happily at odds with the given superhero hegemony. This excellent project was inspired by the vastness of the Louvre Gallery in Paris. We are dropped into a future ice age where a group of intrepid explorers and their portly dog guides roam across a wintery wasteland eventually stumbling upon a mystical building filled with evocative secrets.

De Crécy’s cryptic narrative unfolds carefully and suggests we may not be able to divine everything about our past from what we catalogue in our archives. To say more would be to spoil the twists in the clever premise. Suffice to say, this is an ingenious, quite beautiful piece of work. (Mark Robertson)

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