Alice Fredenham: BGT is a learning curve

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  • 15 April 2013
Alice Fredenham

Alice Fredenham

Britain's Got Talent star Alice Fredenham says the show is a "really good learning curve" for her career and a great way to "get used to live performing"

'Britain's Got Talent' star Alice Fredenham says the show is a "really good learning curve".

The 28-year-old beauty therapist is predicted to be next global superstar after astounding viewers following her 'BGT' audition on Saturday (13.04.13), and the singer believes the programme will encourage her to go onto bigger and better things.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Alice said: "'Britain's Got Talent' is a really good learning curve and it will obviously help me to start to get used to live performing."

Alice was branded "liquid gold" by Simon Cowell but failed to impress the likes of Jessie J and when she previously auditioned for 'The Voice', which she admits was "quite disheartening".

She said: "I was just unsuccessful, the chairs didn't turn and obviously that was quite disheartening but I was encouraged not to let it crash me so I went forward and auditioned for 'Britain's Got Talent'."

Despite 'BGT' being her second choice of contest, Alice claims it is more suited to her as it has already "made its mark" on TV.

She said: "It has been going a lot longer and it's already made its mark so I think it has its advantage in that respect."


1. Wombilly17 Apr 2013, 1:10am Report

The yanks dont listen to the voice, all they hear is the accents, they wouldn't know a singer if it hit them in the face, Will.I.Am NOT.

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