5 books about sport

  • The List
  • 4 October 2007

Ray Stubbs (ed) The Sports Book: The Sports, the Rules, the Tactics, the Techniques The ‘ultimate armchair companion’ to more than 250 leisure pursuits (just didn’t want to use the word ‘sport’ again there) including bobsleigh and synchronised swimming. Doring Kindersley.

Jackie Stewart Winning is Not Enough The Scottish motor racing legend looks back on his life on and off the track. Headline.

Tim Lovejoy Lovejoy on Football The Soccer AM guy brings us a book of anecdotes, trivia and opinion about such crucial topics as why foreign players swear in English and why the ‘Christmas tree formation’ can simply never work. Century.

Lawrence Dallaglio It’s in the Blood: My Life The England rugby icon talks about the game, his struggles with the tabloids and a family tragedy. Headline.

David Shenk The Immortal Game This history of chess examines how it has driven some people to insanity, prompted mathematical discoveries and even influenced military strategy. Souvenir.

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