Cornonation Street's Stella to wed killer Karl?

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  • 14 April 2013
Michelle Collins

Michelle Collins

Stella Price is reportedly going to accept a proposal from her dangerous boyfriend Karl Murno in the wake of the Rovers Return fire

Stella Price looks set to wed Karl Murno on 'Coronation Street'.

The Rovers Return landlady (Michelle Collins) has taken back her cheating ex, not knowing the taxi driver - played by John Michie - deliberately started the fire which killed fire-fighter Toni, before framing and murdering Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati).

However, it has now been reported gullible Stella - who considers Karl her hero after he rescued her from the blaze - is going to accept a marriage proposal from him.

An insider told SoapLife magazine: "As far as Stella is concerned, Karl has risked his life to save her and her attitude towards him and their relationship changes.

"As they grow closer, he becomes her rock and all the animosity between them seems to vanish. So when he pops the question, she accepts."

Actor John also revealed Karl is unlikely to confess once again after coming clean at Sunita's funeral and Stella mistakenly assuming he was simply blaming himself.

He said: "He confessed all to Stella it she just thought he was blaming himself. That was a cathartic moment for him.

"In his mind he's done what he needed to do, he confessed and that's the best he can do. That's his get-out-of-jail-free card because he tried to tell her."

The storyline could turn tragic once more in the next few months when Jason Grimshaw gets on Karl's bad side.

John hinted: "Jason tries to wind Karl up, which is a bit dangerous considering the state that Karl's in.

"He's definitely someone Karl is beginning to hate more and more... I think Jason needs to watch his step."

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