Don Paterson - The Blind Eye (4 stars)

Don Paterson - The Blind Eye


The Blind Eye is another delightful rendering of Dundee Don Paterson’s graceful ability to shift between the high brow and the pop cult with Game Boys and The Simpsons rubbing shoulders up against Orpheus and Auden. Never dull, often flighty, Paterson crams more wit and wisdom into three lines or less of apparent throwaway silliness than most comic authors crowbar into a career and he makes you come back smiling for more.

Among the topics entertainingly skirted over in this tiny tome subtitled ‘A Book of Late Advice’ are torture, blushing, book jackets, sex dreams, moral crises and digitalisation. Some of which Paterson deems to be good, some of which is bad; but in his universe, the obvious choice may not always be the correct one. And we can only nod in sage agreement with this: ‘as a journalist he was a disgrace to his profession, which is to say he was a credit to his profession.’
(Brian Donaldson)

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