Debbie Rush's storyline emotions

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  • 12 April 2013
Debbie Rush

Debbie Rush

Debbie Rush couldn't stop crying filming her latest 'Coronation Street' storyline, which sees her character Anna Windass accused of abuse by her adopted daughter, who wants to go and live with her real father

Debbie Rush couldn't stop crying filming her latest 'Coronation Street' storyline.

The actress' alter ego Anna Windass is to be devastated when her adopted daughter Faye Butler accuses her of hitting her in a bid to be allowed to live with her real father Tim and Debbie admits the emotional plot took its toll.

She said: "Anna's absolutely devastated. I didn't stop crying in the whole of the week we were filming it. Some of the scenes are really heartbreaking."

Though Faye (Ellie Leach) eventually admits she lied, Debbie hinted Anna will still let the little girl get her wish to live with her father.

She added to Inside Soap magazine: "Anna can't quite believe that she's taken this little girl on, sacrificed so much for her and loved her like her own, and this is the betrayal she's getting.

"But we have to remember that Faye's only 10 and she's a very confused little girl...

"Anna loves Faye so much that she ultimately just wants what's best for her and, if she feels that living with her dad is what's right, then Anna will give Faye that choice."

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