Charlie Brooks: I sympathise with Janine

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  • 11 April 2013
Charlie Brooks

Charlie Brooks

Charlie Brooks "sympathises" with her 'EastEnders' character Janine Butcher and can understand why she fled Albert Square

Charlie Brooks "sympathises" with her 'EastEnders' character Janine Butcher.

The Walford superbitch returns to Albert Square next week after a six-month absence and the actress can understand why her alter ego fled because she was so "traumatised" by her relationship with estranged husband Michael Moon and caring for their premature baby daughter Scarlett.

Charlie told 'This Morning': "She was traumatised, I think, by the slight mental abuse that Michael put her through before she went, with the premature baby and everything else.

"She wasn't ready for parenthood. I don't think she had a partner she could trust or rely on. He didn't support her in any way and made her feel like a terrible mother. I think that caused a lot of anxiety and post-natal depression."

"I sympathise with her! I always have sympathised with Janine as a character, and I think it's important as an actress to have that. I always find myself justifying her."

Charlie revealed Janine will use her "powers" to get as many local residents on her side as possible, including old friend Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

She added: "She definitely uses her powers. She always has a nice little hold over Billy Mitchell, so she goes to him immediately and tries to get the business back up and running. She means business this time - she's dressed with powerful boots and a coat. She tries to make people understand a little bit about the situation and why it happened."

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