The Voice moved to avoid schedule clash

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  • 11 April 2013
The Voice judge

The Voice judge

The BBC will move 'The Voice' to an hour and a half later in its schedule from April 20 to avoid a clash with 'Britain's Got Talent'

The BBC will schedule 'The Voice' an hour and a half later to avoid a schedule clash with 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Bosses have announced the show - which is hosted by Holly Willoughby and Reggie Yates - will be moved from its current 6:45pm start time to 8:20pm from April 20 and they have also chopped 35 minutes from the programme's running order, meaning it will now last just 60 minutes.

The move comes after 'Britain's Got Talent' chiefs announced their show - which broadcast at 8pm last year to stave off a clash - will begin on Saturday (13.04.13) at 7pm on ITV, meaning there will be a 75-minute overlap this weekend.

But 'BGT' insiders the decision to schedule the show at the same time was done deliberately to go up against 'The Voice'.

A source explained: "The 7pm slot has worked very well for us recently with 'Splash!' and 'Saturday Night Takeaway' so Simon Cowell talked with ITV boss Peter Fincham and they both agreed to go at 7pm even if it meant tackling 'The Voice' head on. They are confident this is a great series and in the past younger viewers have been in bed before our show ends.

"This way all the family can enjoy 'BGT' and if the BBC don't like it they should have put their series on earlier in the year. We have been showing 'BGT' in Spring since 2006 and won't be told when to screen our shows by then.

"By going 15 minutes earlier they are desperately trying to hang onto viewers."

'BGT' judge Simon Cowell has previously predicted his show will beat 'The Voice' in the ratings war.

He said: "We did it last year and we are keen to win again this year."

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