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  • 4 October 2007
Pop Boutique

Shop till you pop!

The latest venture from Glasgow’s hipster craft community brings together alternative therapists, masseurs, stalls punting recycled fashion, vintage clothing and hand-made jewellery from young Scottish designers, and a Vinyl Vault where you can stash the ghosts of records past and reinvigorate your collection with somebody else’s old wax. There will be DJs, a bar, and probably even some local bands popping up somewhere – the organisers used to run Dolly Mixture and are very well connected. So that’s recycling, supporting local grassroots retailers in an era of throwaway mass production, looking after your wellbeing, reinvigorating your wardrobe and getting to hang out with all the groovy kids, all under the one roof.

Pop Boutique, Hetherington Research Club, Glasgow, Sat 6 Oct. www.myspace.com/ilovepopsicle

Pop Boutique

Music and massage in the marketplace! The latest venture from Glasgow's hipster craft community brings together alternative therapists, recycled fashion and vintage clothing stalls, and a Vinyl Vault, aiming to encourage recycling, support grassroots retailers and in the face of throwaway mass production, promote homemade…

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