Exposure: Roman Nose

Exposure: Roman Nose

Photo: Christel Sorenson

Glasgow's enigmatic, beepy, dark electro trio talk masks and Satan, among other things

Glasgow electro trio Roman Nose are generally to be found decked out in black hooded tops and intimidating masks, paying little respect to eardrums or graffiti laws (their press release claims they 'scream and kick ears for sadomasochistic pleasure').

Their unnerving aural output proudly wades in the dark, murky pools of electro, as heard on their debut 4 track EP, 'Youthclubbed'. With a second EP to be released just before they headline the Wickerman Festival's Solus Tent, you can expect to hear a lot more from them in 2013.

In a rare interview with The List, Roman Nose's Bulletbeard, Young Cheeteen and GP are unmasked...

What is Roman Nose's main ethos?
Aggravation, altercation and archaic.

Why the masks?
Multiple reasons:
1. Bail and immigration conditions.
2. The amount of shit you can get away with wearing a mask is incredible.
3. Most importantly, the ability to replace band members is the real advantage.

You're playing on one of the showcase gigs at music convention Wide Days. If you were to create and host your own convention, what would it promote and who would you ask to appear at it?

Young Cheeteen: If I hosted a convention it would probably be a cross between a TED talk, a street rave and a cult sacrifice. I would promote hedonism, club culture and virginity… of course!

Bulletbeard: I would create a convention promoting 'The Joys of Reading' to teenagers. It would basically be a bare-knuckle boxing match where Charles Bukowski, Hunter S Thompson, Albert Camus and Ernest Hemingway all fought each other at the same time to see who was the toughest.

GP: I’d have a David Lynch convention. We’d sit and do transcendental meditation together. Masks on of course and then get fucked up together and make a homemade movie out of it!

What other similar acts to Roman Nose have caught your eye?
We’ve been listening to a lot of witch house recently, producers and bands like White Ring, Salem and oOoOO. Also a young Parisian guy called Beaumanoir and French techno artist Gesaffelstein, to name a few, eh!

Your T-Break set was cancelled after a pint mishap [said pint was spilled all over their mixing desk], only for you to be upgraded to the King Tuts Tent. How did you find playing T?
T was great in many ways, wearing the masks however can prevent you from seeing a crowd reaction. We weren’t sure if anybody liked the show or not. One of the guys from The Wanted (who were on after us) tried his best at a compliment on our way off stage. Fair play to him, their masks look way more complicated than ours.

One third of Roman Nose, BulletBeard, is not shy of a little street graffiti. Roman Nose must then save a small fortune in PR marketing, yes?
Bulletbeard: Nowadays it’s important for a band to have a varied skill set. If you want to keep your integrity you have to be completely hands-on when it comes to all your output. The music, the image, the artwork and your stage show. The three of us all bring our own expertise to the table, just happens to be that mine sometimes borders on the illegal.

Your live sets are nothing short of terrifying, and we mean that in the best way possible. For those going to the Wide Days' Showcase at Electric Circus, what can they expect?
Heavy strobes, smoke, satanic imagery, overwhelming noise and the displayed suffering of three men that have not turned out the way they once hoped!

Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Thu 11 April (with Fatherson/Fat Goth as part of Wide Days Showcase); Wickerman Festival, Dumfries, Sat 26 Jul.

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