Bill Wyman won't reunite with The Rolling Stones

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  • 8 April 2013
The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones

Bill Wyman has "better things to do" than play with Rolling Stones again and has ruled out every returning to the band on a permanent basis

Bill Wyman has "better things to do" than play with The Rolling Stones again.

The 76-year-old bassist was with the band for three decades until 1993 and joined them for the first of their 50 and Counting shows in London last year, but feels the "time has gone" for a permanent return.

he told the Daily Express Newspaper: "Thirty years was great but I've got better things to be doing now. That time has gone."

Bill was initially excited about performing at the band's reunion shows in London last November, but wishes he'd had a bigger part to play.

He said: "It was great for five minutes because that's about as long as they let me play. I thought I was going to get quite heavily involved because I was led to believe that throughout the year by them. It was fun but I regretted not playing more.

"I came off just as I was warming up and getting into it. When they asked me to go to America for two weeks to do three shows there, I said for two songs? No thank you."

However, Bill didn't part with the band on bad terms and is still in contact with them on a "social" basis.

He added: "Our lives are still intertwined but it's social - it's not business anymore."

Bill also said vocalist Sir Mick Jagger had asked him for access to his archive to write an autobiography, but he refused.

He added: "I've got the letter, it said 'I'm doing this book, so of course I'll need access to your archives'. And I went 'Not a chance'. So he had to give the money back because he couldn't remember anything."

The Rolling Stones

The legendary rockers, fronted by Mick Jagger, perform their recognisable hits from across the decades including Satisfaction, Paint It Black and Brown Sugar, as well as some surprises thrown in for good measure. Special guests in London on their No Filter tour include Liam Gallagher on Tuesday and Florence + The Machine…

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