PM blasts celebrities for lax attitude to drugs

  • 1 October 2007

The Prime Minister has criticised celebrities over their casual attitude to drugs and the perception that their standing makes them above the law.

Speaking at a ‘citizen’s jury’ event - which is made up of teachers, children and social workers across the UK - Gordon Brown called for celebrities to shun drugs and become positive role models.

He praised Olympic gold medalist Kelly Holmes for her efforts to inspire young people.

However, editor-in-chief of music magazine Mixmag, Andrew Harrison, said the image portrayed by celebrities who struggle with drugs is a powerful repellant in itself.

'There is a merry-go-round for celebrities. They’re on the hedonistic circuit, then they’re in rehab, then they’re out again and we tend to wait for them to relapse,' he said.

'I think people like Amy Winehouse and, particularly, Pete Doherty, the message that they convey is actually through their conduct.

'You look at Pete Doherty, he’s no good advert for heroin.'

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