Danny O'Donoghue 'turned off' by X Factor bullying

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  • 30 March 2013
Danny O'Donoghue

Danny O'Donoghue

'The Voice' judge Danny O'Donoghue has slammed 'The X Factor' for encouraging viewers to laugh at poor acts and said the rival TV singing show's bullying is a "turn off"

Danny O'Donoghue says 'The X Factor' bullying is a "turn off".

The singer - who is a judge on rival talent show 'The Voice' - says the TV singing contest has the "cringe factor" as it puts a focus on mocking poor acts rather than just celebrating "genuine talent.

He told The Sun newspaper: " 'The X Factor' shows more of the acts we're supposed to laugh at than acts with genuine talent.

"I watched some of the last series of [the show] but I had to turn off when they were laughing at this dude.

"When you have thousands of people booing some poor sod on stage, that has the cringe factor."

The Script musician suggested only minor changes need to be made to keep viewers hooked on 'The Voice' which engaged its audience with 'blind' audiences where the judges assess the hopefuls on their vocal talent alone.

He said: "We're no fools, we know the 'blinds' were the most exciting part of last year so there have been tiny tinkers ... We've learnt a lot."

Danny, 32, also revealed while his relationships with fellow judges Jessie J, Sir Tom Jones and will.i.am are becoming "tighter", they will still retain a "competitive" edge.

He added: "We're getting tighter as a unit but at the same time it's getting more competitive. There's more slagging going on."

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