Matt Smith wants a jungle-themed TARDIS

Matt Smith would love to see a "space safari park" inside the Time Lord's TARDIS on forthcoming 'Doctor Who' episode 'Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS'

Matt Smith

Matt Smith as the Doctor

'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith wants a safari park in the TARDIS.

The latest series of the hit BBC sci-fi drama is expected to reveal more of the interior to the Time Lord's time machine and the actor - who will star alongside new companion Jenna-Louise Coleman in the new run - would love to see the eccentric Doctor house all sorts of exotic animals inside the TARDIS.

He explained: "I really wanted to see the Doctor's bedroom but we don't, unfortunately. What's really exciting about the episode when we do find out a bit more about the TARDIS is that it's not just walls and corridors. There are lots of different parts.

"I thought he'd have a space safari park in there where he's collated all these mad animals from throughout the universe who just hang around."

The actor revealed that his on-screen alter-ego will be back to his old self, having cheered up following the loss of his former assistant Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).

He added to Nuts magazine: "Yes, I'm back. And he's mad again! He's turning up in stupid clothes and Clara is like, 'You're a nut job. What are you doing?' And he's like, 'Come on!' So the mad Doctor is back. He's got to be mad and adventurous and curious."


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