Tony Hirst wants Corrie wedding

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  • 28 March 2013
Tony Hirst

Tony Hirst

Tony Hirst would love to see his 'Coronation Street' character Paul Kershaw marry Eileen Grimshaw before he leaves the show

Tony Hirst wants his 'Coronation Street' character to get married before he departs Weatherfield.

The actor is due to leave the soap later this year but would love to see his alter-ego Paul Kershaw walk down the aisle to wed Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver) before he goes.

Asked whether the pair will marry, he replied: "I would hope so! We're engaged. I've put a ring on her finger - what more does she want?

"Whether we do or not, I don't know - you'll have to stay tuned."

It seems Paul and Eileen's relationship could be heading for trouble following the recent Rovers Return fire.

The firefighter is faced with his fiancee's paranoia and fears about him returning to work, having glimpsed the danger he faces every day.

Tony explained on 'Loose Women': "Having seen what Paul does and the dangers that he faces when he goes into a fire, that's going to be a struggle for Eileen."

The blaze claimed the life of Paul's colleague Toni Griffiths as she tried to save those trapped inside the building without proper back-up, and the actor learned such scenarios are common when he discussed the plot with real firefighters.

He said: "The reason a lot of firefighters get injured or killed is because they get pressurised into situations by the public. They were saying it's a really common situation that when they go to a fire, the public are there going, 'Do something'. They're compelled to do something, but it's a really dangerous situation for them."

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