Bob Dylan book shines light on star qualities


This article is from 2007.

A new book will be published next month which looks at the contribution Bob Dylan has made to popular music.

Bob Dylan: The Never Ending Star will give a new insight into singer’s career, put into context using theories of fame.

The book deals with the relationship the musician has with the music industry, as well as his fans, and the role he play in creating new types of music.

The book by Bristol University sociologist Dr Lee Marshall also looks at the singer’s achievements in the 1960s and explains how Dylan dealt with the limitations such acclaim can bring.

Meanwhile, Dylan is using a new internet marketing technique to appeal to young fans.

An email chain letter - which has ‘Bob Dylan has a message for you’ written in the subject line - includes greetings from the musician as well as links to his website and an online purchase form.

One rock critic was confused by the bid to promote Dylan’s upcoming greatest hits collection.

He commented: “If it’s really true that this is the new way to sell records, I wonder why the first one is Bob Dylan instead of Britney Spears.”

This article is from 2007.

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