Nina Nesbitt, Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Sat 16 Mar 2013 (4 stars)

Nina Nesbitt, Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh, Sat 16 Mar 2013

A homecoming gig for the teen popper from Balerno

The crowd in the Liquid Rooms are chanting Nina Nesbitt’s name as she comes onto the stage, guitar in hand. No introductions are needed tonight - the 18-year-old, candyfloss haired Scottish/Swedish singer-songwriter is playing to her hometown audience after a mini-tour, and there is definitely a lot of fan love in the room. She opens the upbeat ‘Boy’ from her new EP ‘Stay Out’, which fills the room with energy. 'You guys are so loud, but that’s ok because I like loud gigs', she says, holding her hands up to her ears to shield them from the screams. It must be a proud moment, getting such a warm reception from her countrymen (she grew up in Balerno) after working hard for months.

Nesbitt specialises in fun pop hits (which have lent themselves well to heavy radio play, and bagged her a spot at this year's T in the Park) as well as heartfelt ballads and tonight she gives the audience both, showing off her light, husky vocals. When playing her fan favourite ‘The Apple Tree’, the crowd sing along with every word, a clear indication of the love that the ‘Nesbians’ (hardcore Nina fans) have for her. She changes the mood with ‘The People’, introduces some haunting vocals whilst banging a bass drum, creating an eerie atmosphere. It's perhaps this display of versatility which makes it easy to understand her swift ascent to success.

After a mixed setlist of old and new tracks, she leaves the stage and returns for an inevitable encore. 'This song was Scott Mills’ Big Thing on Radio 1 this week', she boasts as she begins to play her single ‘Stay Out’. The packed dancefloor erupts into jumps and shouts. Her final punch was the cheesy but crowd-pleasing cover of '500 Miles' that she plays especially for her Edinburgh audience.

She stands back and takes a photo of the crowd, visibly chuffed with the turnout and energy of her fans. It seems she won’t forget this show easily, and from the crowd reaction, neither will they.

Nina Nesbitt - Stay Out

Nina Nesbitt - Statues

Nina Nesbitt

Scottish/Swedish folk pop singer who does a spot of modelling on the side.

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