Competitive performer John Legend

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  • 28 March 2013
John Legend

John Legend

John Legend is a competitive performer and says he is determined to outdo all the other acts - including headliner Justin Timberlake - when he performs at the Wireless festival in London in July

John Legend is determined to outdo Justin Timberlake when they perform on the same bill.

The 'Ordinary People' hitmaker will take to the stage at London's Wireless festival on July 12, and says his "competitive" nature means he will push himself to deliver a better performance than the headliner, Frank Ocean and Snoop Lion, who also perform that day.

John is even considering drafting in some collaborators to give his set the edge.

He said: "I'm very competitive and there's a lot of great people at Wireless, so I'm going to try and top them all.

"I'll definitely do 'Getting Nowhere', the song I did with Magnetic Man, as it was such a big hit in the UK. Maybe I'll get them down too."

John's new album, 'Love In The Future', is inspired by his forthcoming marriage to long-term girlfriend Chrissy Teigen.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "You try to reflect where you are in life - I'm happy.

"The album is called 'Love In The Future' and I'm embarking on a new journey as I'm about to get married.

"That certainly has something to do with the title and the sentiment of some of the songs.

"It makes sense for where I am - no more cheating songs."

'Love In The Future' is released on June 24.

John Legend

Neo-soul smoothie who was a piano prodigy who played with Lauryn Hill before being discovered by Kanye West.

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