Coronation Street set hit by thief

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  • 27 March 2013
Jack P Shepherd

Jack P. Shepherd

The 'Coronation Street' set has been hit by a thief, who has stole Jack P. Shepherd's £130 sunglasses

The 'Coronation Street' set has been hit by a thief.

The ITV soap's cast has been warned after Jack P. Shepherd - who plays hairdresser David Platt - had his £130 sunglasses go missing from the Green Room, where the actors relax between takes on the show's set.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It was all a bit unsavory. The Green Room and dressing room areas are private, so for something to be nicked from them is really bad news.

"There's nothing worse than people being suspicious about others around them. Jack loves his Ray Bans and was gutted when they went missing."

Catherine Tyldesley, who plays Eva Price, has helped in the effort to recover the glasses by pinning a note to her dressing room.

She wrote: "Jack P. Shepherd's Ray Bans have been half inched (pinched). If found, give them back!"

Unlucky Jack has previously been the victim of thievery on the set of the show, when computer game equipment was stolen from his dressing room five years ago, leaving him furious.

A show insider said at the time: "You just don't expect things to go missing from dressing rooms. It looks like the thief was brazen about it."

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