Alan Davies cracks Sherlock cliffhanger

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  • 27 March 2013
Jonathan Creek (Alan Davies) and Joey Ross (Sheridan Smith)

Jonathan Creek and assistant Joey Ross (Sheridan Smith)

Alan Davies has turned into his detective alter-ego Jonathan Creek to crack the mystery of how Sherlock Holmes faked his own death in BBC One series 'Sherlock', saying a similar stunt was performed in an episode of 'Jonathan Creek'

Alan Davies claims he has cracked the 'Sherlock' mystery because a similar stunt was performed in 'Jonathan Creek'.

The 47-year-old actor says he knows how bosses of the BBC One drama faked Sherlock Holmes' death in the dramatic climax of the last series when the detective appeared to come to a sticky end after a fall, but the 'QI' star - who plays Creek - is remaining tight-lipped about the secret.

He told the London Evening Standard newspaper: "I know how he got away with it but I'm not telling you.

"We did a similar thing in an episode of 'Jonathan Creek' when someone jumped off a roof at a party - that's all I'm saying."

Alan is thought to be referring to 1998's two-part episode 'The Problem of Gallow's Gate', in which a man appears to fall to his death after jumping off a roof. But it later transpires he has faked his death after falling through a grass-covered trapdoor and landing in a net.

Speaking about the episode, he previously said: "Three people saw him jump. Everyone saw him on the ground but nobody saw him land. In between there was a gap of maybe seven or eight seconds, which is when they did the clever bit.

"Leaping off a second floor balcony is no big deal if there's something to catch you at the bottom - if you've dug yourself a big hole with a tightly sprung net inside [and] rigged up a camouflage frame covered in turf which slides across in seconds, so you can't see the join."

In the 'Sherlock' episode there is a chalk line on the ground which could suggest there is a similar trapdoor for the titular character - played by Benedict Cumberbatch - to fall through.

Holmes' sidekick Doctor John Watson (Martin Freeman) is seen going to check whether Sherlock is still alive, but it has previously been suggested the character could have used a squash ball in his arm to stop his pulse. He was seen playing with a ball in earlier scenes.

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