Music therapy? Brits soothe the savage beast

  • 28 September 2007

According to the folk responsible for that abseiling battery bunny, Brits use music to control their mood to a larger extent than their European counterparts.

Although more than 75% of Europeans as a whole said they listened to music to enhance their mood, more Brits claim to do so to control their mood from one moment to the next.

The survey compiled by Duracell has found that UK listeners also use music as a device for self expression. Almost half of Brits agreed with this sentiment, compared to just 15% of Italians and less than 30% of the French respondents.

Dr Adrian North explained why British people rank top of the table: “Britain has a rich history of people using music to express themselves. The plethora of musical sub-cultural such as Britpop, Goth, New Romantic and Punk that have emerged from the UK and spanned the world, are proof of that.

“Research has also shown that people join these musical sub-cultures in order to gain acceptance or self-esteem.

“It allows them to say to the rest of the world ‘I am better than you’ though their choice of music.”

He added that females are more prone to using music to express emotion, while males tend to use it to define their identity.

“This explains why males tend to like more aggressive music genres such as heavy metal as the aggressive nature of the music which allow them to tell the world just how macho they are.”

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