Ulrich Schnauss - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sun 17 Mar 2013 (4 stars)

Ulrich Schnauss - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, Sun 17 Mar 2013

Photo: George Futcher

A panoramic and emotionally driven electronica set from the ambient techno artist

The first time Ulrich Schnauss appeared in Edinburgh, at the Voodoo Rooms on Easter Sunday, 2008, there wasn't a still body in the room, such was the infectiousness of Schnauss' laptop-generated electronica that has since defined a mashed-up hybrid of dancefloor indie some might call 'Shoe-Rave'. Since then, Schnauss seems to have found his time, as assorted nouveau sonic cathedralists appear to have caught up with him.

Schnauss' more recent visit tied in with the release of his long-awaited fourth album under his own name, A Long Way To Fall, a deliciously warm concoction which humanises electronica in a way other laptop-based artists fear to attempt. This remains so even as Schnauss stands over his kit with total concentration, while a a female sidekick stands opposite him manning the background visuals, equally rapt over her laptop.

The result of all this, with his impressionistic films beamed out on the venue's multi-screen set-up behind the performers, is as panoramic and emotionally driven as anything by the guitar-driven Durutti Column, whose output Schnauss' oeuvre resembles more than any of his knob-twiddling peers.

But this is no dinner party background chillout routine. The volume is refreshingly pulverising, so there's a real physical whoosh to the already propulsive soundscape. It may not have the room in motion quite as much as four Easters ago – although one lone groover at the front of the stage is clearly caught in the moment's flow – but the same synapse-twanging euphoria is very much in evidence.

Ulrich Schnauss

Beatific electronica artist in the same ballpark (or should that be pastoral meadow?) as Boards of Canada.

Ulrich Schnauss, Indigo

The musician and songwriter from Kiel, Germany, performs a mix of indietronica and ambient techno to promote the album A Long Way To Fall.

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