Coronation Street's Karl to win back Stella

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  • 26 March 2013
Corrie's Karl looks on at Sunita in hospital

Corrie's Karl Munro looks on at Sunita Alahan in hospital

Despite nearly killing his ex-partner Stella Price in the Rovers Return fire, Coronation Street's Karl Munro will win back the blonde beauty after he is branded a hero for rescuing her from the blaze

Coronation Street's Karl Munro is to win back his ex-partner Stella Price.

The twisted firestarter - who is portrayed by John Michie - will get what he wants when he seals his reunion with Rovers Return landlady (Michelle Collins) by sharing a sneaky smooch with the blonde beauty, despite nearly killing her after starting a blaze in her pub.

While the raging inferno led to the death of firefighter Toni Griffiths (Tara Moran) and will claim the life of his former fling Sunita Alahan (Shobna Gulati), the controversial cabbie will show no remorse for his actions.

John said: "He's got his jewel, his Stella, and he'll do what he can to cling to it.

"He's totally in denial. He feels Sunita brought it on herself. To Karl an affair is just an affair and he can't forgive Sunita for breaking that rule. He's not a forgiving kind of guy.

"Karl's entirely caught up in himself and will do anything to justify getting exactly what he wants."

While the devious taxi driver - who started the Rovers Return fire in a bid to frame Stella's buff builder boyfriend Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) - is seen as a hero in Stella's eyes after rescuing her from the blaze, he is "terrified" Sunita will wake up from her coma and reveal what he did.

John added to Soaplife magazine: "He's terrified. Terrified this good situation could turn completely sour.

"I think he thinks he wants her to die but he justifies it by telling himself Sunita shouldn't have come to The Rovers and shouldn't have been interfering.

"There's a scene where he's at her hospital bed and he asks her why does it always have to be her who ruins things for him. That's quite a scary part."

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