The xx plan to experiment

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  • 26 March 2013
The xx

The xx

The xx want to write their next album while on the road and are looking forward to having the chance to "experiment" with their sound

The xx want to "experiment" this year.

The trio have months of tour dates booked around the world this year but are keen to also find the time to work on the follow-up to September 2012's album 'Coexist' and plan to be more "open minded" about the music they create.

Band member Romy Madley Croft said: "I think we just want to experiment this year a bit and try new things - to have a bit more of an open mind for the future music that we make."

However, Romy - who is in the band with Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith - admits writing and recording alongside their tour commitments may not be easy, as it is something they have always found "difficult" to do while on the road.

Romy added to website Faster Louder: "We're going to make a lot more music on tour this year- that's my resolution. And certainly my hope because I always find it difficult on tour to be creative, but I think we're just going to put in more effort to make it work.

"We've never managed to do it before, it's always quite a tricky thing but we're just going to find a way to do it. It's great to be creative on tour; I missed it so much in the past.

"You know, you can make an album and you can tour and you don't spend all that much time being creative and making music.

"I think I realised I missed it so much when we came back to make our second album, you know, we hadn't made music in so long that it felt wrong to leave it again."

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