Jessie J 'couldn't bear' to leave The Voice

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  • 25 March 2013
Jessie J

Jessie J

Jessie J admits it was tough to decide whether or not to sign up for the second series of 'The Voice' due to her music commitments, but she eventually realised she "couldn't bear" to see anyone else taking up her coaching role on the show

Jessie J returned to 'The Voice' because she "couldn't bear" to see someone else in her chair.

The 24-year-old coach didn't sign up for the second series immediately because she had to work her time on the BBC One show around writing her second album and going on tour, and admits she would have been devastated if she had turned the programme on and seen someone else sitting in her seat.

She told BANG Showbiz: "I was so busy I had to choose. I had an opportunity to go and write a second album straight away, do an arena tour straight away or sign up to 'The Voice' again.

"I had to go, right, 'Do I want to turn on my TV and see someone else in my chair? No.' That's the diva in me. I worked hard for that, I enjoyed the show and they would have had to scratch my name off the back of it and I couldn't bear that to happen."

Jessie is pleased she decided to sign up for the show's second series as she still managed to find plenty of time to pen a "great second album".

Speaking at the launch of the second series of 'The Voice', she added: "I said to my fans that I want to do this again. I didn't want to rush my second album. If I'm honest I'm happy it's gone this way because I've actually had time to write a great second album. It would have been crap if it was crap. So that's why I didn't sign up straight away because I had to really, really, sit down and think about schedules because this isn't the only thing in my career."

'The Voice' returns to BBC One at 7pm on March 30.

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