J.J Abrams' failed Superman film similar to Man of Steel

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  • 22 March 2013
J.J. Abrams

J.J Abrams

J.J Abrams has revealed that his failed Superman film, 'Superman Flyby', would have been similar in tone to Zack Snyder's upcoming 'Man of Steel' movie

J.J Abrams claims 'Man of Steel' is similar to his idea for 'Superman Flyby'.

The 'Star Trek Into Darkness' director has revealed his failed Superman movie - a proposal for which was leaked online earlier this year - would likely have been similar in tone to Zack Snyder's upcoming reboot of the comic book movie.

Abrams intended to maintain the origin of the story involving a civil war on Krypton and the exile of the iconic superhero to Earth as a child, but he would have introduced a brand new villain, Ty-Zor.

He said: "The thing I tried to emphasise in the story was that if the Kents found this boy, Kal-El, who had the power that he did, he would have most likely killed them both in short order. And the idea that these parents would see - if they were lucky to survive long enough - that they had to immediately begin teaching this kid to limit himself and to not be so fast, not be so strong, not be so powerful."

The director looked to create "fear of oneself, self-doubt and being ashamed of what you were capable of" in the character, who is given the name Clark Kent by his adoptive parents.

Abrams' idea was to see Superman realise his own strength and finally recognise what he was always capable of doing.

Abrams added that he does not quite know if that's what Zack Snyder and Chris Nolan are planning with 'Man of Steel', but it looks like they are playing on the same concepts.

He said: "I could not be more thrilled to see that movie. That, to me, was always the way to go."

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