Laurie Brett wants Christine relapse in Waterloo Road

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  • 22 March 2013
Laurie Brett

Laurie Brett

Laurie Brett would love her 'Waterloo Road' character Christine Mulgrew to turn into a "vile drunk" again because her alter-ego is "better fun" to play when she is an alcoholic

Laurie Brett wants her 'Waterloo Road' character to turn to alcohol again because she loves playing a "nutter".

The 43-year-old actress portrays recovering alcoholic Christine Mulgrew in the BBC One drama series and she insists it is "more exciting" when her alter-ego is drinking herself into a stupor because she is a "vile drunk" and becomes "kind of weird".

She joked: "I'd rather be Bette Davis than Marilyn Monroe. Christine is just beginning to recover from alcoholism after revealing that her son was the product of rape and she is just rebuilding her life, but I hope she falls back off the wagon. I think it's just better fun.

"Christine is a vile drunk so it'll be interesting for her to get drunk again.

"I would prefer she wasn't sober because it's far more exciting for me to go to work and play at Christine being a nutter and kind of weird."

While Laurie - who spent 11 years in 'EastEnders' as Jane Beale - is enjoying her role as Christine in 'Waterloo Road', she doesn't think she is "skinny, young or beautiful enough" to hop across the pond and start a career in Hollywood.

She added to the Daily Record newspaper: "I'm not skinny enough, not young enough and not beautiful enough. Harsh maybe, but very true. I think if you are established over there in your 20s you can possibly grow older but not many people have gone there to do it later on.

"Ashley Jensen did, but I don't know. Tim Burton told me he enjoyed my work at the Baftas in 2010 and I couldn't say anything apart from 'I love you, too'. I'm not chomping at the bit to do it.

"I think I'd find it quite intimidating."

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