Go-go dancing twins join The Valleys

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  • 21 March 2013
Jason and Anthony

Jason and Anthony

Dancing duo Jason and Anthony will cause drama among the returning cast mates when they join the party-mad crew of MTV's 'The Valleys' next month

Identical twins have joined the cast of 'The Valleys'.

Go-go dancing duo Jason and Anthony are set to stir things up in the Cardiff house when the second season of the controversial MTV reality show kicks off next month.

The buff boys - who have been recruited to promote Glam nightclub - are welcomed with open arms by returning female cast mates Jenna, Nicole, Carley, Natalee and Lateysha, but friction ensures when their male co-stars Liam, Leeroy and Chidgey are less than impressed with their muscular new housemates.

Kickboxing champion Aron has some bad news in the first episode, and is told by boss Jordan he won't be able to fulfil his sporting dreams in the Welsh capital and is sent packing back to the Valleys. The gang are left petrified they could face the axe next if they don't try hard enough to fulfil their dream careers - which include stylist, model, DJ, rapper and club promoter.

Tough-talking bosses Jordan and AK have vowed the party-loving hopefuls will have to tame their wild ways this time around and insist they won't put up with their outrageous drunken antics.

It will also be decision time for sparring lovers Chidgey and Natalee, who were last seen choosing love over their careers in Cardiff, leading AK to vow never to work with them again.

'The Valleys' returns on Tuesday April 30 at 10pm.

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