Game over? Halo 3 launch dampened by leaked conclusion

  • 27 September 2007

The excitement caused by the global launch of Halo 3 could be dampened by the news that the game’s final scenes have already appeared on the web.

Thousands of enthusiasts queued outside some 1,000 UK stores which opened late to be among the first to their hands on the final installment.

The Xbox game has proved a massive success for Microsoft, earning the firm hundreds of millions of dollars. Halo 2 took £61 million in the opening days on sale.

However the climax of the game has been uploaded to YouTube.

Head of Xbox UK, Neil Thompson, said that spoilers were a foregone conclusion.

“Once the game is launched, there was always a danger that people will spoil it for others, but we cannot invest a whole cycle in preventing that.

“It’s like the Harry Potter books. Someone in the first queue will skip to the end and put it on the internet.

“We can’t do anything about that.”

Microsoft meanwhile is hoping that Halo 3 will top the £70 million mark in its opening day.

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