Robbie Williams to repeat Rudebox?

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  • 20 March 2013
Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams wants to make another album like his widely derided 2006 effort Rudebox, as it is his favourite of all the albums he has made

Robbie Williams wants to make "another 'Rudebox'".

The 'Candy' hitmaker admits the 2006 album - which received mixed reviews from critics but was widely viewed as a commercial failure - was flawed but is his favourite of all the records he has made and he is planning a "second installment".

He wrote on his blog: "I love 'Rudebox' by the way and plans are afoot to make another one. It'll be ages yet, but I think it's time to do the second installment.

"In many ways 'Rudebox' is my favourite album of mine, but also it's the album I would take the most tracks off too.

"'Louise' wasn't a very good cover, 'Kiss Me' can go too. That version of 'Summertime' wasn't the best and 'Keep On' can be dropped.

"The rest I stand by with a big middle finger going, 'No, f**k you.' I know I've said in concert about some of my songs not being the best. It's panto."

The 38-year-old singer would love to incorporate more of his favourite tracks from his back catalogue into his live show but is put off by the reception he thinks they'd get.

He added: "For the record I f***ing love 'Bodies' [from 'Reality Killed the Video Star'] and I love 'Rudebox'. If it wasn't for the perception it would be first on my set list. It's so much fun for me to perform."

And Robbie also defended the "self-indulgent" lyrics to 2009 single 'Bodies'.

He added: "I don't think the lyrics to 'Bodies' are gibberish at all. I know exactly what they mean... and I know exactly what they mean to me too."

Robbie Williams

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