Door open for Kevin Webster to return to Coronation Street

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  • 20 March 2013
Michael Le Vell

Michael Le Vell

The door will be left open by scriptwriters for Coronation Street's Kevin Webster to return to the show

The door will be left open for Coronation Street's Kevin Webster to return.

Michael Le Vell - who plays the mechanic - has been written out of the ITV soap while he faces child sex allegations, but scriptwriters are making it easy for him to return by having the character look after his sick dad Bill, played by Peter Armitage, 75.

Michael had reportedly been worried show bosses could have made it difficult for him to return to the soap, if they had made him part of another story line, such as seeing his character jailed for his part in co-mechanic Tyrone Dobbs' (Alan Halsall) baby kidnap plot.

A show source told the Daily Star newspaper: "Hopefully this will end speculation that Michael is not part of the Corrie family.

"Sending Kevin to look after his dad is an easy thing to do because it means he can come back whenever he likes.

"With this storyline it won't look odd if Kevin is away for a few months and it gives Michael the time to clear his name and then get back to work."

However, Kevin's absence from the show puts his business into trouble as Tyrone is behind bars for kidnapping his baby, Ruby, leaving only Tommy Duckworth (Chris Fountain, 25) working, putting extra strain on his wife Sally (Sally Dynevor).

The show source added: "She doesn't blame Kevin for going to look after his dad but she has to come up with a plan because there's no way Tommy can do all the work on his own."

Michael, 48, is in court in Manchester for a preliminary hearing today (20.03.13).

He says he will put "all his efforts" into clearing his name after being charged with the alleged offences.

He recently said in a statement: "I would like to make it quite clear that following the serious allegations that have been brought against me on Thursday February 14 2013, I am innocent of these charges and intend to fight them vigorously."


1. Elli12120 Mar 2013, 3:06pm Report

I'm confused! Surely Pam would look after Bill and there's no mention of her. We miss Pam or Aunty Pam and would like to see more of her again. Very funny character when she's not having a go at Kevin.

2. Premmie18 Apr 2013, 1:09am Report

Aunty Pam,was a proper MILF!!! lets have her back I agree Elli121.

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