Melissa Suffield: EastEnders producers said I was out of control

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  • 20 March 2013
Melissa Suffield

Melissa Suffield

Melissa Suffield has revealed she was branded "out of control" by 'EastEnders' producers before she was axed from the BBC One soap after six years on the programme

'EastEnders' producers branded Melissa Suffield "out of control" before axing her from the show.

Bosses of the BBC One soap thought the 20-year-old star - who portrayed Lucy Beale for six years - needed "help" after posting a photo on Facebook of her surrounded by bottles and another of her posing next to a lollipop with the words "suck me for pleasure" on in 2010.

The incident occurred just there weeks after she was warned about her behaviour after being pictured outside a London nightclub in the early hours, and as a result producers decided against renewing the blonde star's contract.

She said: "I recall vividly sitting outside the executive producer's office with my mum, waiting for my fate.

"They said they were letting me go, and that I was out of control.

"They said I had the show's reputation to uphold and there were standards which I wasn't meeting.

"It wasn't technically a sacking but they didn't renew my contract. The feeling was that, 'We think you need help - and need to help yourself'.

"It was very agitated and I felt trapped. There were four grown-up producers sat in front of me and I had nothing to say.

"Sorry wasn't good enough. They said how disappointed they were - it was like a parent telling off a child - I felt very small."

But Melissa - who was 17 at the time - insists she was merely "testing boundaries" and doesn't regret her actions.

She added to the Daily Mirror newspaper: "People have painted me as going out every night and coming to work in a terrible state but that was never the case.

"I never went out if I had work and probably only went out about four or five times because the invites were too good to turn down.

"I am happier and securer than I've ever been. I regretted it at the time and for months afterwards but I'm fine with it now."

An 'EastEnders' spokesman said: "It would not be appropriate for us to comment on the reason as to why Melissa is no longer at 'EastEnders'."

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