TV series Boss is a fine addition to More4’s US drama roster (4 stars)

TV review: Boss

Kelsey Grammer stars in a non-comedic role as the brutish mayor of Chicago

If you think of Kelsey Grammer as either Frasier Crane or Sideshow Bob, it might be tough to accept him as Tom Kane, the brutish mayor of Chicago. There isn’t a single laugh to be had in the opening episode of Boss, unless you have a Lynchian soft spot for severed ears. Nonetheless, it looks like being another fine addition to More4’s US drama roster, even if the whole thing has been cancelled back home after two series.

Having just been told he has a few years left before a degenerative brain disorder takes full grip on him, Kane is determined to power on regardless while somehow keeping this devastating secret close to his chest. The biggest fight will be keeping an aloof wife, hard-nosed political advisors, a snooping reporter and estranged daughter out of the loop, no matter what it takes.
The camera makes full use of Grammer’s permanently crestfallen face as he tries to keep a handle on both his failing health, a divided city and his fractured family. Just don’t look for that face to crack a theatrical smile.

More4, Thu 21 Mar, 11pm.

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