Medieval tapestry to be unveiled at Stirling Castle

  • 27 September 2007

A tapestry which has taken four years to complete is set to be unveiled at Stirling Castle.

The 12ft by 14ft work of art entitled ‘The Unicorn is Killed and Brought to the Castle’ recreates a series of 16th Century Renaissance tapestries housed in a museum in New York.

The work is the third tapestry to be created from the original Hunt of the Unicorn tapestries, which were bought by King James V and once adorned the walls of the Scottish castle.

With seven to make a complete series, the £2m job is expected to finish in 2013.

The chief executive of Historic Scotland, John Graham said: “This is a very special contribution to the restoration of one of Scotland’s finest castles.

“It is also helping to keep important traditional skills alive.

“Watching the weavers at work on the wonderful colourful tapestries has now become established as one of Stirling Castle’s key attractions.”

The third work will be unveiled at a special reception at Stirling Castle and hung in the Chapel Royal.

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