CBeebies Live! Interview: Katrina Bryan, aka Nina of Nina and the Neurons

Katrina Bryan, aka Nina of Nina and the Neurons, looks forward to CBeebies Live

The Scottish actress will be appearing as part of Justin & Friends with Justin Fletcher

If they were handing out titles in CBeebies land, it’s a fairly safe bet that Justin Fletcher would be crowned king. Appointed an MBE for his services to children’s broadcasting in 2008, Fletcher is currently playing stadiums across the UK in the first CBeebies Live show with his name above the door.

But although the title says Justin & Friends, in true Fletcher style, many of those ‘friends’ are actually him in a wig/dress/red nose. Which makes for a lot of quick costume changes back stage. But according to one of the genuine ‘friends’ appearing in the show, Nina of Nina and the Neurons (aka Scottish actor Katrina Bryan), Fletcher won’t be fazed by it.

‘Justin never ceases to amaze me,’ says Bryan. ‘He takes everything in his stride, and after working at CBeebies for so many years, he’s so experienced. I’m sure he’ll just revel in the excitement of it all.’

Part of the secret of Fletcher’s success is his slightly maverick approach to trying new things, including the creation of comedy sketch show, Gigglebiz, and the various Tumble characters from Something Special.

‘Over the years Justin’s been given the freedom to develop the comedy side of things,’ says Bryan. ‘So he’s developed these characters, which can be quite surreal and random. Some people might have thought he was taking a chance, but they’ve been on the money every time and kids just love them.’

During the show, Bryan and fellow CBeebies co-stars Andy Day and Katy Ashworth help Fletcher and his myriad of characters prepare for a special visitor to Justin’s House. ‘Nina helps him come up with an idea for a show to welcome the guest,’ explains Bryan, ‘but of course it doesn’t all go according to plan …’

Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow, Mon 8 & Tue 9 Apr.

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