Rodge Glass - LoveSexTravelMusik (5 stars)

Rodge Glass - LoveSexTravelMusik

Compelling collection of short stories breathes new life into cities


Rodge Glass’ eagerly awaited new book LoveSexTravelMusik is potentially one of the most perceptive pieces of modern writing to date. With bright, bold prose, Glass breathes new life into the exotic cities that have been reduced to a few empty paragraphs in travel guides.

The collection of short stories explores snapshots of various destinations and characters, from a lads’ weekend in Eastern Europe to a couple’s sex tour of Arizona. Through this, it examines what drives men and woman of all ages to fly thousands of miles to escape their problems and disappointments, hoping to find that the grass is greener on the other side.

With sometimes painfully relatable themes of isolation and dissatisfaction, the book’s razor-sharp narrative offers a witty and fearless exploration of the human condition via discount air travel. The collection hosts some of Glass’ best writing, two particular examples being ‘Orientation #1’ and ‘Do All Things with Love’. In his experimenting with various techniques, both pieces are excellent portrayals of Glass’ thoughtful and unique style, which make LoveSexTravelMusik utterly compelling.

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