Arctic Monkeys record in 'rock n roll' city

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  • 19 March 2013
Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys are recording their fifth album in Los Angeles because it is "built on rock 'n' roll"

Arctic Monkeys like recording in Los Angeles because it is "built on rock 'n' roll"

The 'R U Mine' band are working on their fifth album in California's biggest city and Frontman Alex Turner believes it has the best facilities for a rock band.

He told AnOther magazine: "It's built on rock 'n' roll so the best studios and equipment are here. Well, that and the fact that the sun always shines and you can ride your motorcycle in December."

The English band are successful in America now, but Alex remembers when they first went to the US things weren't so easy.

He added: "When we first arrived in America we'd play a small venue in Florida and some hick would be shouting, 'Come on, man! What is this?' But I love those sorts of shows where you have to try and convince people. You have to become ten times more animated and really rattle everyone's cage."

Arctic Monkeys - which also includes Nick O'Malley, Jamie Cook and Matt Helders - first moved to Los Angeles to record their last album 'Suck it and See', where they reportedly paid £30,000 to rent a luxury mansion with six-bedrooms, a spa, swimming pool, two offices and a library while they were in the studio.

A source said at the time: "The pad is really amazing. After being in the studio all day it's the perfect place to come back to and relax and let their hair down.

"Locals are worried a rock band moving in nearby would ruin the peace and quiet they're used to so the lads have been told not to play their music too loud."

Arctic Monkeys

The stomping Sheffield tykes have graduated from songs about chip shops and taxi ranks, but the ferocious singalong favourites of old should also make an appearance.

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