Miranda Hart: Morecambe and Wise inspired my sitcom

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  • 19 March 2013
Miranda Hart

Miranda Hart in Miranda

Miranda Hart has revealed her self-titled BBC sitcom was inspired by legendary comedy duo Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise and she is pleased to have created a show to "honour" their tradition

Miranda Hart says 'Miranda' was inspired by Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise.

The 40-year-old comedienne has revealed her BBC sitcom - which she writes and stars in - was created to "honour" the comedy duo, and admits some of her specific looks to the camera in the programme were directly inspired by the pair.

She said: "The joy of being a comedian, of getting laughter - you can see it in Eric's face ... the joy of getting laughs.

"There's a brilliant aside he does - he says to Ernie, 'It was obviously my imagination.' Then turns to the audience and says, 'It wasn't.' That's where I got the inspiration for that camera thing - where I say 'yes', cut to camera - 'no'. All my looks to camera in 'Miranda' I got from him. I wanted to do a show that honoured his tradition."

Miranda is "overwhelmed" to think she has been able to make so many people laugh through her popular show, mainly thanks to the late duo.

She added to Radio Times magazine: "It makes me so happy to watch them dance. Eric was a real mover. I spent a lot of time in my 20s trying to learn their routines.

"Life is tough for so many people - as the song goes, there should be more happiness. They really did give me more happiness. It's quite arresting and overwhelming to think that I might do that for other people ... all thanks to him."

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