Anna Morris

Morris caused a stir on the Free Fringe last August with Dolly Mixture, so let’s hope the Glasgow crowd also take to her vibrant brand of audience participation (that’s you told). Among her crew may well be a nervous stand-up comedian, an icy Chelsea bride and a vicious fashion critic.
The Old Hairdressers, Glasgow, Fri 22 Mar.

Al Murray

He’ll argue (til he’s blue-blooded in the face) that all of his crowd get the irony of the Pub Landlord act, but there surely aren’t as many liberals in the whole world as there are seats at the O2 for a weekend residency?
King’s Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 24 Mar.

John Shuttleworth

David O’Doherty was practically a babe in his Irish mammy’s arms when Shutts was bashing out lo-fi classics on his small keyboard such as ‘Pigeons in Flight’. Now, he’s threatening to get us Out of Our Sheds. Oh yes, Ken.
Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Thu 28 Mar.

Bob Doolally

The Scots might have a reputation for taking to the liquor, but at least our comedy turns don’t exploit that stereotype. Bob Doolally gets away with it because he’s bloody funny.
Blackfriars, Glasgow, Fri 29 Mar.

Phill Jupitus

Not someone you’d normally associate with being anyone other than his jovial self, but old PJ upturns expectations by playing three very different creations, all of whom appear to be deceased. [Unfortunately, none of 'em have been captured online yet, so here's some of Phill's stand-up].
Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Fri 29 Mar.

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