Sketch trio WitTank embark on debut national tour

Sketch trio WitTank embark on debut national tour

Photo: Idil Sukan

Naz Osmanoglu, Kieran Boyd and Mark Cooper-Jones to tour the UK

You know the deal with sketch show acts by now. Whether they are on the telly or live on stage, some of it will be good, a piece or two in there might even be great, while other bits will be barely passable. Three stars.

Not so the WitTank male trio of Naz (Osmanoglu), Kieran (Boyd) and Mark (Cooper-Jones) of whom we described one Fringe show as being without ‘a single down moment in an exhilaratingly perfect set’.

High praise indeed and that kind of encouragement as well as strong belief in their own writing and performing abilities have now resulted in their debut national tour.

Founded at Durham University, the act have gone through a couple of transformations and seem pretty settled on their line-up now as they unleash skits featuring everything from a sleazy Latin lover (OK, you might well have seen that done before) to a debonair yeti (don’t lie, you haven’t seen that done before). Still not entirely sold on that name though.

The Stand, Edinburgh, Wed 27 Mar; Blackfriars, Glasgow, Thu 28 Mar.

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