Dev is devastated by Corrie fire

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  • 19 March 2013
Sunita surrounded by flames in the Rovers

Sunita Alahan surrounded by flames in the Rovers Return

Coronation Street businessman Dev Alahan is left distraught when his twin children start to believe rumours their late mother Sunita Alahan is responsible for starting the Rovers Return fire

Coronation Street's Dev Alahan is to be left devastated when his children think their late mum Sunita Alahan is to blame for the Rovers Return fire.

The businessman - who is portrayed by Jimmi Harkishin - is upset when his and Sunita's twin kids Asha and Aadi hear people saying their late mother, who perished in the blaze, is responsible for burning down the pub and died an arsonist.

As Dev is trying to get them dressed smartly for her funeral, Asha says: "Why? She can't feel anything, she's dead.

"She's not in heaven, she's been a bad person. Everyone says she burned down the Rovers."

But Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) sticks up for Sunita - who was played by Shobna Gulati for 12 years - telling the little ones: "She will be in heaven.

"You're mum was the one of the best people I've ever met."

Millions of viewers tuned in to the ITV soap last night (18.03.13) to see Sunita's ex lover Karl Munro (John Michie), the former partner of Rovers Return landlady Stella Price (Michelle Collins), was in fact the twisted firestarter after he doused a rag in spirits before setting it ablaze in the pub's cellar.

But Sunita was suspected of starting the inferno after she slipped into the Rovers after hours, unbeknown to the local Weatherfield residents, following a drunken night out.

However, she realised what Karl was doing and confronted him. He told her he was trying to frame Stella's boyfriend Jason Grimshaw (Ryan Thomas) for "botching the electrics" so the blonde beauty would take him back.

As flames engulfed the cellar, Sunita slipped down the stairs and Karl fled in a blind panic not realising Stella was upstairs relaxing in the bath.

He then returned to the pub to try to save Stella, shouting: "I'm coming for you, darling. Don't worry."

'Coronation Street' returns to ITV on Wednesday (20.03.13) at 7:30pm.

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