Singles and downloads - March 2013

New music from Fat Goth, Holy Esque, Rungs and Woodpigeon

Singles and downloads - March 2013

Woodpigeon - Red Rover, Red Rover

Fat Goth - Surf’s Down – Live

Rungs - I Don’t Wanna Hug! I Just Wanna Cum!

Holy Esque - ‘St.’

(Self-released) ●●
Glaswegian quartet Holy Esque are among a handful of new-ish acts getting the ‘ones to watch’ treatment right now. Seemingly led by the amazing human tremolo, this warbling slab of generic Scottish indie is messy in all the wrong places. Compared to others in the Holy Esque vault, ‘St.’ sounds like a rushed college project, and lacks the punch or hooks. Given their musical infancy, there’s room here for potential anthems, but ‘St.’ ain’t one of ‘em.


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