Woodpigeon - Red Rover, Red Rover

(Fierce Panda) ●●●
The lead single from Woodpigeon’s recent album Thumbtacks + Glue, is about as sweet and soothing as anything else to emanate from Mark Andrew Hamilton’s Calgary crew to date. Admittedly, it takes a while to thaw out, but soon picks up a 60s-inspired beat, all slathered in syrupy harmonies and bright, crackling guitars. As a one-off, it doesn’t really shock or surprise as much as it gives good reason to further delve into Woodpigeon’s collective nest.

Fat Goth - Surf’s Down – Live

(Hefty Dafty) ●●●
Bundling itself into your ear canals as tactfully as a skunk attack or a street-side kneecapping, ‘Surf’s Down’ flaunts the kind of obnoxiously loud, meat-and-potatoes rock that has been propping up the rock‘n’roll floodgates since Nirvana fell headfirst through them some 20-odd years ago. This live version, in support of Fat Goth’s second album, Stud, is suitably oversized and blackly humorous, and heavy drunk on its own riffs. It’s only really hampered by frontman Fritz’s warbling Yoda-like vocals.

Rungs - I Don’t Wanna Hug! I Just Wanna Cum!

(Self-released) ●●●●
Rising from the smouldering ashes of Take a Worm for a Walk Week and Project: Venhell, Glasgow punk five-piece Rungs’ first offering is about as unhinged and unlistenable as fans of both have come to love (and loathe). Their command of sporadic noise and almost carnival-like levels of uneasy melody on these four tracks is actually more palatable than you might think, despite sounding like field recordings of getting jumped at a taxi rank, while the superbly-titled ‘Hutchie Belt Wank’ is almost danceable. Disgustingly brilliant.

Holy Esque - ‘St.’

(Self-released) ●●
Glaswegian quartet Holy Esque are among a handful of new-ish acts getting the ‘ones to watch’ treatment right now. Seemingly led by the amazing human tremolo, this warbling slab of generic Scottish indie is messy in all the wrong places. Compared to others in the Holy Esque vault, ‘St.’ sounds like a rushed college project, and lacks the punch or hooks. Given their musical infancy, there’s room here for potential anthems, but ‘St.’ ain’t one of ‘em.